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SMART FOOD FOR BABIES NOW WITH BONE BROTH – Our nutrient-dense baby pouch with chicken broth delivers hearty sweet potato, pinto beans, and cumin to echo the warm flavors of a roast chicken dinner for your little one! Created by a practicing neurosurgeon, Stanford PhD in developmental neurobiology, and mom-of-three, after years of trial and error she developed the perfect baby squeeze pouches. Backed by science, our toddler pouches are the best for your child’s growing brain.
AN ORGANIC POUCH IRON FORTIFIED BABY FOOD THAT SUPPORTS COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT – Cerebelly pouches are the only organic baby food puree pouch that delivers 16 key brain-supporting nutrients studied by our founder. A delicious blend high in Zinc, Vitamin E, Selenium, and Vitamin B12 that supports the development of motor skills like movement control and stabilization as well as cognitive abilities like emotional expression, problem solving, and memory.
CLEAN LABEL AWARD SO PARENTS DON’T HAVE TO WORRY – Our toddler food pouches are Clean Label certified. We test for harmful levels of heavy metals and toxins to make sure you are feeding your little one only the highest quality baby food purees. Other companies’ toddler snacks and toddler meals may fall short of testing, but Cerebelly is actually the first shelf-stable baby food to receive the Clean Label Project Purity Award. We are raising the bar for organic baby food!
ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – This isn’t like your average applesauce squeeze pouch! Veggie and chicken baby food pouches stage 1, 2, 3 crafted from whole foods, including organic sweet potato, pinto beans, and cumin pureed with savory chicken broth! We’ve put a fresh spin on baby puree. Veggie-first and no added sugar, our organic fruit and vegetable pouches for kids gives your baby what their brain and body needs, right from the start, baby food meals perfect for every stage of development!
GLUTEN FREE & NON-GMO – Give your baby the nourishment they need to grow healthy and strong with our Sweet Potato Pinto Chicken Bone Broth puree pouches. Little brains everywhere can enjoy our toddler squeeze pouches as they are made with gluten free ingredients, BPA-free, non-GMO, organic, dairy-free, nut-free, and plant derived. We take special pride in developing organic veggie pouches for toddlers that supersede all others. Cerebelly…a baby food meat pouch truly unlike any other!

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