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Essence. Soul. Spirit. Life.Essence. Soul. Spirit. Life.

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Aromatherapy, The New Way

Essence, the discreet, compact and comfortable silicon nasal diffuser, is an innovative way to take your favorite oils and blends with you everywhere you go while doing what you love. Step up your soul, your spirit and your life. Step up your Essence.






Eucalyptus essential oil is used to treat a variety of symptoms. When it comes to breathing, the Eucalyptus Scent diffuser ring cultivates a healthy respiratory system by opening passageways and easing congestion. It is the go-to option for relaxed, refreshing breaths.


Known for its medicinal properties, lavender has long been used to alleviate insomnia and digestive problems. The lavender Scent diffuser ring is infused with lavender essential oil and is among the most popular oils used. It is the can’t-go-wrong option that provides a pleasant scent and calming experience.


Peppermint use is traced back to Ancient Greek and Roman times. The Peppermint Scent diffuser ring is infused with a mixture of peppermint essential oil and smooth carrier oils that calm the warm elements of peppermint to ensure a perfect balance and no irritation.


Grapefruit is a useful to tool in suppressing overactive appetites, and helping to balance healthy eating. Our Grapefruit Scent diffuser ring is a healthful option that has a wide array of benefits sure to make you glow inside and out! *This ring is naturally tinted orange by the grapefruit essential oil.

holding essence ringholding essence ring

How It Works

Essence is for those who have discovered the life-changing benefits of essential oils and want to level-up their essential oil experience. Use your nasal diffuser while flying reading, shopping, working, jogging, driving, you name it! The options are truly endless when it comes to your Essence nasal diffuser. Wherever you go take your diffuser with you for easily accessible aromatherapy.

Nose RingNose Ring

Everywhere You Go

Discrete and Portable

The Essence Nose Ring is discrete and portable. It works great in small public areas like a subway, train, bus, or airplane.


Workers in hospitals, dentist offices, construction sites, spas, and even athletes are using this compact device to help cover up stinky smells around them or simply bringing the pleasure of a custom scent to their environment.

How to Use: REMOVE – Pull open the packet and remove the nose diffuser INSERT – Using your thumb and index finger, place the diffuser comfortably into your nose ENJOY – Now breathe deeply and let the essential oil blissfully fill your senses! REUSE – Place the diffuser back into the pouch, add 3-4 drops of oil and let sit for 24 hours

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ June 2, 2021
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Honé
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0968SB8N2

✔️ 100% Pure Essential Oil – Essence uses only the highest quality, premium grade oil to ensure a blissful experience. Our silicone rings hold their scent for long periods of time. Enjoy pure relaxation and relief wherever you go!
✔️ State of the Art Infusion Process – We’ve perfected our infusion process so that scents stay fresh, and last. Use it to counter bad smells, or just enjoy essential oils at your leisure.
✔️ Portable and Discrete – Essence rings are clear and small. They work well in public areas like a subway, train, bus, or airplane. Perfect for a variety of activities including yoga, meditation, and for workers in dentist offices, hospitals, construction sites, spas and athletes.
✔️ One Size Fits All – Essence nasal diffuser rings are designed to be easy to use, lightweight, flexible, comfortable and fit everyone. Perfect alternative to aromatherapy inhaler, inhaler stick, oil inhaler, or nasal inhaler. Enjoy essential oil scents hands free and feel bliss, relief, relaxation, and invigoration all day!
✔️ Made in the USA – Essence rings are created using medical grade material and manufactured 100% in the USA. Our essential oil nose ring is latex free medical grade silicone.

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