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Great for everyday use in industrial areas, public transportation, allergies and outdoors. More practical than a dust mask and reduces nasal snoring while you sleep. Provides relief from people with a deviated septum. More effective than traditional breathing strips. Reduces some bad smells from entering the nose.
Find the size that’s right for you. Noses come in many sizes, and so do our nose filters for breathing! Our nasal cones are available in 5 sizes and 3 package quantities. Larger sizes may provide increased airflow, while smaller may maximize extended wearing comfort. Not sure what size to get? We recommend starting off with the Trial Pack which includes 4 of the most popular sizes.
Simply place dilator plug in the nose with the connecting band down to enjoy cleaner air and easier breathing for up to 12 hours. After a full day of use or when the filter material is visibly dirty, please recycle with other soft plastics. Our 3M filtration device is latex-free.
O2 Nasal Dilators are made with several layers of innovative 3M technology. Once you have determined the right size for you, the lightweight and discreet filter will contour the inside of your nose. Package includes small traveling case for your nose plugs.
Our nose breathing inserts are highly effective. See technical specifications for particle blocking efficiency. Masks can impair your vision around you and can be uncomfortable for extended periods of use at work. Guard yourself with Protego O2 products today.

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