Price: $7.99
(as of May 09, 2024 20:24:17 UTC – Details)

The door Balancer is a one of a kind and only cure for repairing out of plumb doors that close on their own without reframing the door frame. No more need for cumbersome and expensive door prop,door stop and door wedge. This is a specially designed, engineered and patented torsion spring that once installed on the door hinge pin, will allow the door to stay open in almost any position. It has just the right amount of tension and shaped to fit the door and the door frame. Takes less than 2 minutes to install. Tested to keep it’s tension for over 1000 closings.1 Required per door. Severely out of plumb doors may require 2. Works great for commercial office doors, hotels, motels etc. Listing your home for sale? Propping your doors open could be a red flag for perspective buyers.
Eliminates the door wedge
Do you have to prop your interior doors open
Eliminates the door stop
Inexpensive cure for propping door open

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