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Amidst a sweltering summer, a group of passionate culinary enthusiasts united in their love for cooking. Together, we set out on a mission to innovate kitchenware.

TrendPlain emerged from this shared passion and dedication. For us, cooking is more than sustenance; it’s a deep connection to the artistry of food. Every kitchen tool we create reflects our belief that cooking nourishes both body and soul.

How did we get our start?

TrendPlain started with a group of cooking enthusiasts driven by a passion for creating innovative kitchenware that elevates the culinary experience.

How is the quality of TrendPlain products?

We ensure superior quality by meticulously selecting premium materials and conducting rigorous quality checks on every product batch. Our lifetime service reflects our commitment to excellence.

Why do we love what we do?

At TrendPlain, we blend cooking passion with innovation. Our pride lies in bringing joy to kitchens worldwide, fostering connections between people and their food.



Warm Tips: A few of our oil sprayer nozzles may have minimal water residue from quality checks, but please rest assured they have not been used. Just give it a few pumps for optimal performance.
Lifetime Warranty: We stand by the quality and performance of our product. If you’re ever unsatisfied or encounter any issues, feel free to reach out to us. We offer a lifetime warranty and are committed to providing excellent customer support.
Dual Dispensing Convenience: This oil bottles for kitchen offers both pouring and spraying capabilities, allowing you to switch between the two with ease. It’s a space-efficient solution that keeps your kitchen clean and organized.
Exceptional Spray Nozzle Design: Our olive oil bottle boasts a unique spray nozzle that delivers a wide-angle, fine mist when pressed quickly and a steady stream of oil when pressed slowly. This precision design ensures even coverage and control over your oil usage.
Precise Oil Control: Each spray dispenses approximately 0.15g of oil, making it effortless to control and measure your daily oil intake. With a daily recommended oil consumption of up to 30g, you can effortlessly manage your dietary preferences.
Safe and Odorless Materials: Crafted from glass, our olive oil spray is both safe and non-toxic. It can withstand high temperatures and is completely odor-free. Rest assured that your cooking and meal preparation are done with a safe and healthy tool.

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